Protect Your Beverages and Wines against Microorganisms
No Effects on Flavor



Excellent Microorganism Control Agent

Spectrum of Application

Spectrum of Application

DMDC is proved being highly effective for the protection of wide range of beverages as well as wines. DMDC is compatible with all known packaging materials as PET, glass, metal, etc.

Juices and juice drinks

Carbonated drinks

Fruit Beer

Iced teas

Process aiding additives

Flavoured waters

Energy drinks

Wines, etc.



One of the biggest challenges for the beverage production is to prevent the product contamination by microorganisms such as yeasts, bacteria or mould during the process of mixing, filling or capping, etc. Microbiological stabilization of beverages can be processed via both physically (e.g. filtration, thermal processing as hot filling or pasteurization or cold sterile filling as aseptic or white room, etc.) or chemical preservation (e.g. persistent preservatives as sorbates, benzoates or DMDC).DMDC is used as a preservative to inactivate residual spoilage organisms in beverages but leaving no DMDC residue.

The application of DMDC is approved for a wide range of soft drinks as well as wines in more than 90 countries.
The beverage and wine manufacturers are responsible for ensuring the compliance with all local legal requirements and trade regulations.


DMDC (Dimethyl dicarbonate, E242) is an authorised food additive and microbial control agent having been successfully applied in ...

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Highly effective at low dosages against a broad spectrum of microorganisms as yeasts, bacteria and moulds, etc.

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DMDC has a broad antimicrobial action. The primary target microorganisms for DMDC are yeasts, including Saccharomyces...

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Dosing system


With state-of-the-art DMDC dosing machine, we provide the full protection to your beverages and wines through the complete technique and service package for the cold sterilization. The dosing system can be conveniently installed in new or existing beverage/wine filling lines.

General Conditions

  • Power supply: 230 +/- 10% 50 Hz
  • Max. Power: 1500W
  • Plant Air : No need
  • Single type of dosing machine, which covers the range 3-150 hl/h at DMDC concentrations up to 30ml/hl (300ppm)
  • Customized control panel in multi-languages
  • Connection adapter for 4L or 20L DMDC bottles

Additional features

  • Full automatic, online measurement of the drinks filling rate, calculate automatically the corresponding DMDC dosing quantity and flow rate, according to the required concentrations by law (input by operator)
  • PCS and dosing pump only from international industrial leaders, highest reliability
  • Heat tracing of the pipelines and a temperature control in the DMDC chamber (20 – 30°C)
  • Equipped with emergency stop function
  • Operation manual and on-site commissioning included
  • Warranty, machine fittings and maintenance services included

**The machine is universally applicable since the software can be adjusted according to your preference and the size for the connection is variable.

About us

About Duessel H Limited

Duessel H Ltd., headquartered in Hong Kong, is the global distribution partner for the DMDC producers from China. Duessel H Ltd. is also represented at Duesseldorf, Germany and operated by a multinational team, consisting of experts in chemistry, engineering, machine and marketing. The company has set up a warehousing and logistics center close to Rotterdam in Europe to secure the product supply and sales services in Europe and northern Africa regions. The logistics and service center in America is planned and will be realized with first tier logistics operators. The company is committed to providing the beverage and wine industries a very reliable DMDC protection against microorganisms that could spoil their drinks or wines without negative effects on their natural flavour.


Please download our current product brochure for further information as PDF file.


 Dosing Machine


11.09.2017 | Advertisement on Soft Drinks International Special Issue Aug/Sep for drinktec 2017

28.03.2017 | China Supplies DMDC (E 242) – Cold Sterilant for Beverage and Wine

Preservation has always been a big topic in beverage industry. The application of Dimethyl Dicarbonate (DMDC, INS No. E 242) is approved for a wide range of soft drinks as well as wines in more than 90 countries. With its wide spectrum of application, DMDC technology provides a new alternative sterilization solution for many drinks bottlers and winemakers.

In comparison to normal physical or chemical preservation DMDC is non-persistent and outstanding with its high cost-efficiency and zero negative effects on the taste, odor or color. In addition, it is compatible with all known forms of packaging materials such as PET and glass bottles, metal. Furthermore, it can be used in a wide spectrum of beverages and wines, including fruit drinks, iced teas, energy drinks as well as the non-carbonated and carbonated flavored waters. It is very flexible for low temperature filling and especially suitable for mobile or multi-purpose bottling lines.

Recently, companies in China have successfully manufactured high quality and high purity DMDC and thus offer new choices of DMDC supplier for beverage and wine industries. Duessel H Limited is the global distributor representing the manufacturer of DMDC in China with advanced technology in producing DMDC.

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09.03.2017 | China Supplies DMDC (E 242) – cold sterilant for beverage and wine

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